Privacy Policy

GTL is committed to ensuring that user data submitted on the site remains confidential. What follows is an outline of our privacy policy.

Data collection

This site has no login service. All data is collected though forms. Anonymity is accepted should the submitting party wish to remain unnamed. Personal data collected on this site may include:

- A full name

- Telephone/mobile number

- Email address

This data is collected to assist with customer communication to prevent faulty transactions and to allow our staff to provide the most personalised experience possible.


While the internet is not always a safe medium for information transfer. Despite this GTL has efforts to provide the most secure service possible. Our site is SSL secured meaning that your connection is secure. If while browsing the URL does begin with 'https' then an error has occurred and your connection is no longer secure. Should this happen please reload the page before giving any personal information. Should the 'https' prefix not appear after reloading the page please try again later. 

Your Agreement

By using this site you agree to the aforementioned privacy policy. Any changes to the policy will be updated here. By continuing to use out site you agree to the current policy described here.